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6 Things About Managed Mobility Service Providers

With the new horizon of IoT adoption and digital transformation, managed mobility service providers are becoming an essential partner. Strong managed mobility service (MMS) providers can organize and optimize mobility expenses. This can free your IT department from mobility management to handle more pressing tasks. Despite the benefits of partnering with an MMS, there can …


Telecom Expense Audit: Digging in the Trenches to Save Money

When was the last time you ran an audit on your telecom? Don’t be ashamed if the answer was a long time ago, or never. The truth is most companies don’t run a telecom expense audit unless their invoices are at least 10% over their usual monthly amount. Wait, 10% of the usual monthly amount? …


Managed Mobility Services: Doing Mobility Right

Managing mobility is a daunting task for the most seasoned of CIO veterans. Mobility continues to increase as the method for efficiency and employee engagement, and mobility management has become a higher priority with an even higher price tag. Adding the task of management to an IT department will deepen the 80/20 trap, decreasing IT …