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Simplified Data Plans

MobileWare has access to many data plans and solutions, therefore we can be your mobile strategist .
We find the best options to save time and money. First of all we offer a multitude of data plans built for businesses, consequently helping companies achieve success in their spend.

Location as a Service – LaaS

LocationSmart® is a worldwide leader in Cloud Location Services with a trusted enterprise mobility platform for verification, compliance, cybersecurity, proximity marketing and operational efficiencies.
MobileWare provides a global Location as a Service solution due to being a premier partner with LocationSmart.

Multiple Carriers-One bill

Many businesses find themselves thumbing through multiple invoices, consequently becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information. Our solutions platform can change this reality, and we help your business be streamlined, accurate, and simplified.
Companies breathe easier with one invoice, even using multiple carriers, with MobileWare’s solutions platform.  Most of all, we get it done.  Less time, less hassle, and with optimal savings.