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24/7 Cyber Security

Cybercrime is at an all-time high. As businesses large and small move toward the digital age they expose themselves to threats from the dark web and cyber attacks. In just a few short years it has become a full-blown epidemic. Firewalls and other security tools are simply not enough. Having a real cyber security solution in place for your business encompasses people, process and technology.  MobileWare’s Unified Security Management (USM) does just that.

From our Security Operation Center we deploy teams of highly trained SOC analysts that work with the latest security tools to monitor our clients networks on a 24/7 basis detecting threats, vulnerabilities and breaches.

We work with our clients, bringing them visibility to their network, discovering what’s on their network, decide what’s of value and build a security solution around it.

Cyber Security Overview

  • 24×7 Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Security Engineer Investigation on Alerts
  • Comprehensive Unified Security Platform powered by AlienVault
  • SIEM to SIEM Integration
  • Amazon AWS Security Visibility
  • Microsoft Azure Security Visibility
  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • IDS (Host & Network Based)
  • Behavioral Analysis / Threat Intelligence
  • Security Event Management
  • Compliance Reporting (HIPAA, PCI SOX etc.)
  • Defined SLA’s
  •  Client Specific Monthly Threat Review
  • Log Integration from Existing Security Tools (Plugin Enablement)
  • File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor Detect Respond (MDR)


“Far more than an MSSP”

It’s important to implement refined cyber security tactics for your network. With our 24×7 SOC comes our MDR solution. Our team of highly skilled SOC analysts will continuously monitor your network looking for threats and vulnerabilities. With detection comes response. We’ll work closely with your team to define a remediation process and ensure that threats will be addressed immediately whether it’s peak work hours or the middle of the night.

Alien Vault SIEM tool


Using Alien Vaults Federated management server we can integrate your Alien Vault instance into our SOC easily and securely.


Alien Vault does a great job with automatic correlation rules but there is still many alerts to weed through. Let our SOC analysts review all the alerts and let you know what you need to know when real threats are found.


Our SOC team will work with you to create and schedule relevant compliance reports per your requirements. We make compliance easy.


Our SOC is 24×7. Let our analysts review your alerts and investigate possible threats around the clock.

Security Automation & Orchestration

Our A&O platform allows us to work with your existing security technologies providing connection between them. It also enhances our SOC capabilities by automating repetitive attacks and orchestrating multiple concurrent workflows.

Cyber Security Statistics

-Global Ransomware cost exceeds $5 billion in 2017 up from $325 million in 2015 (x15) and is expected to get worse.

-The estimated average cost incurred per stolen record in a data breach is $154 per record.

-51% of US adults experienced a security incident between Dec 1, 2015 and Dec 1, 2016.

-40% of IT departments store privileged and/or admin passwords in documents or spreadsheets on a company PC or laptop.

-30% of Phishing messages were opened by the receiver in 2015.