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Develop your business IoT Strategy.
Develop your enterprise IoT strategy to align with organizational goals and choose a methodology that supports achievement.
Furthermore, with an expert IoT Partner
MobileWare works directly with partners across various components to create and deploy a successful IoT strategy across mobility, networking, security, and storage.


Leverage analytics and intelligence with real-time data from all your connected devices.
Today everything is connected. Since Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, also known as the internet of things (IoT), connect millions of devices to a network and each other. Consequently this enables two-way communication allowing network-ready devices to share reliable real-time data. As a result, processes are automated in industries worldwide from transportation to healthcare and everything in between.
IoT is changing the competitive landscape for every business industry. Furthermore, IoT changes the way every industry does business, uses data, and expands.
MobileWare fills a key role by planning and implementing the installation of your chosen M2M technology. Since 2001 MobileWare has offered expert, rapid deployment services for a wide range of business environments. As a result, this experience combined with an understanding of the different markets and technologies makes MobileWare ideal for integrating all aspects of your solution. Therefore ensuring a seamless integration through a single point of contact.
Most of all, you can use predictive analytics with your big and small data to see and respond to your customers in near real time.
As technology evolves, so does MobileWare. Furthermore, our technicians receive continuing education on all emerging technologies. This ensures we understand not only the technology itself, but how it can benefit you also.
A partial list of the products we deploy includes:
  • LaaS – Location as a Service
  • Fleet Management
  • Telematics
  • Asset Tracking
  • Security Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Vending & Kiosks
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Energy

IoT Management Platform

MobileWare’s Global IoT Management Platform
First of all, pervasive and affordable IoT and M2M coverage is a requirement for cross-border, regional, or global IoT and M2M solution deployments.
MobileWare customers get coverage and support needed to deliver mission-critical applications from one provider with one invoice and one intuitive global network connectivity platform. As a result, our customers can easily manage devices across multiple operators anywhere in the world.
Most of all, MobileWare partners with leading multi-national cellular and satellite operators. Therefore these partnerships allow MobileWare to offer GlobalWare, a GSM-based, cellular IoT and M2M communications service that includes satellite services.
Consequently GlobalWare is available in over 180 countries throughout the world, enabling 100% global coverage.

A Global IoT Connectivity Solution Platform with the Features You Need

Our global M2M device management platform offers an array of features and benefits, including:
  • Optimized GSM and CDMA cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M users – locally, nationally, and globally.
  • A single GSM SIM option with native connectivity delivers IoT and M2M network services in over 180 countries worldwide, including a single, optional, global, per-MB rate.
  • The ability to activate on demand with no per-device contract and no minimum service period per device, giving you maximum flexibility.
  • Best-of-breed, low-latency satellite connectivity on the only truly global satellite network from one partner, meaning you have only one relationship to manage, one point for billing, and one place to call for support.
  • The ability to manage all of your devices with real-time network visibility,  and consolidate all of your services and billing throughout the world with one management interface
  • Global IntelliRate pricing – the first auto-adjusting, highly flexible pricing plan that offers built-in discounts applied based on actual data usage per device with zero customer intervention required.
  • OneRate Plans for a single price point for all of North America or in the U.S. and Canada only.
  • Device management capabilities including the flexibility to manage in which global service areas the device will and will not operate, therefore putting the customer in control of the best price/service coverage options, per device, along with the ability to change services at any time.
As a result, partnering with MobileWare will gain access to the strongest global M2M connectivity platform.