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Data Center Management

Does your data center need help?
Your data center is one of the most integral pieces of your business. And there are many solutions to optimize your infrastructure for the better, whether  looking to for  a new design or just reorganize  for current needs .
MobileWare and its partners assist with educating companies and arming them with the latest updated technologies.
MobileWare alleviates the guess work and avoids possible issues that arise with our extensive IT experience in smart technology, real time, and mobile analytics.   Furthermore, we create a design and plan for data requirements in all aspects, resulting in secure and optimized systems with efficiencies throughout, reduced costs, maximum bandwidth, and enhanced recovery time.
MobileWare can assist in data optimized solutions, regardless if it’s on premise, offsite, or software designed.
  • Data management
  • Security
  • Archiving
Backup and recovery
Access and recover data quickly and easily to assure business is not disrupted.
Systematize disaster recovery to protect overall continuance and work flow.
Engage in real time monitoring and advanced technology solutions, exceeding expectations from end users.
Security solutions with first class monitoring safeguards your asset and allows peace of mind knowing systems are secured with the latest, most secure technology of today.
Converged Infrastructure
Migrate, consolidate, and deploy to create a hybrid infrastructure that is designed according to the workflow and needs of the business.


Every organization needs to secure and protect their network, data, and end points.
As more and more mobile and IoT devices connecting to your network, threats challenge organizations to stay ahead. Therefore, organizations must have security solutions that are right for the Enterprise; solutions that are scalable, flexible, and robust enough to handle today’s threats, and allow the  Enterprise to maintain security levels and compliance.
  • Mobile Security
  • Secure mobile content, applications, data, and use ability at the device and firmware level with Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • IoT security
  • Establish and monitor security for IoT devices, applications, platforms, and data
  • Cloud Security
  • Deter external threats and breaches while providing optimal efficiencies by securing the cloud environment
  • Data Security
  • Establish strong firewall measures and anti-malware solutions to secure critical data and protect servers from critical data loss


Enterprises have various infrastructure requirements and specific needs around applications and data traffic management. While leveraging the Cloud, Enterprises achieve more flexibility with greater operational efficiencies and productivity. MobileWare works with your needs and goals to help you design and implement the right cloud solution.
Public Cloud
Have a more agile and cost effective Enterprise class data center
Private Cloud
Provide a secure and controlled ability to deliver applications and share data from a business center
Hybrid Cloud
Balance the needs of your organization with a blend of public and private cloud solutions.

Contact Centers

Increase customer satisfaction with white glove high touch and affordable customer support.
Customers expect support 24/7 across multiple channels.  Businesses are challenged to provide this support, but customer support is what can differentiate you from your competition.  MobileWare offers a US based contact center with various packages of services desk capabilities,  including dedicated teams with intimate knowledge of solutions to augment your service desk team or be your outsource partner.
Contact Center
  • 24/7 call, email, chat support with monitoring and SLAs tailored to your needs.
    End User provisioning
  • Experienced teams provide fast, accurate, and complete end user provisioning allowing your IT department to focus on core projects.
Managed Service Desk
  • MobileWare’s complete turnkey support service reduces the workload on your critical team members, therefore providing a lower cost of operations.