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MobileWare provides enterprise-level cradle to grave management of wireless phone services. We leverage real-time usage and data analysis with artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently and predicatively drive cost savings and optimization.
Reduce mobility expenses and prevent drains on IT resources through real-time visibility into utilization and charges.


MobileWare MMS Benefits

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – raw invoice data is transformed into decision-making intelligence via intuitive, interactive and simple-to-understand user interfaces.

OPTIMIZATION ALGORITHMS – statistical analysis coupled with predictive analytics generate reliable forecasts to stay ahead of fluctuating usage patterns to ensure the appropriate investment in optimum rate and feature plans.

POLICY MONITORING – through analytics we help companies identify usage anomalies which bring savings beyond traditional rate optimization. Our powerful dashboards provide views of a variety of data, permitting central administrators to observe patterns and quickly prescribe remedies.

PROACTIVE ALERTING – our rules engine assists management in tracking company defined wireless standards by providing alerts when policy thresholds are exceeded. Cutting edge dashboards provide information at your fingertips, to resolve issues relating to billing and individual usage abuse including international travel and monthly downloads.

DATA DRILL DOWN – actionable and managed reporting is available at any time. With easy access to detail records from desktop, laptop or tablets, troubleshooting specific usage and cost issues can be easily resolved with a few simple clicks.


  • Get real-time visibility into who is using which devices, how they’re using them, and what they’re costing the company
  • Achieve the maximum value of your mobility investments through detailed reporting and analysis
  • Reduce drains on IT resources with on-demand support and troubleshooting
  • Avoid surprises at the end of the billing cycle
  • Prevent overspend with real-time cost reporting by business unit, user, or cost code
  • Reduce mobility spend by ensuring that users are signed up for the most cost-effective service plans

Key Features


  • Real-time visibility into utilization and charges as they’re incurred
  • Customer-defined workflows for electronic routing and allocation of invoices
  • Real-time updates to invoice processing, inventory, auditing and business intelligence
  • 500+ specific audit rules applied to every invoice to ensure contract compliance
  • Fast deployment and integrations with top applications such as ServiceNow, Workday, ADP, Okta, OneLogin, Coupa, Verian, and more