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MobileWare – Your Enterprise Mobility Management Partner

Mobile technology is transforming the way we conduct business. And companies are providing more employees with increasingly capable mobile devices.  Therefore, managing this mobile network quickly is becoming a complex task.  Consequently, this can overwhelm many IT departments.
MobileWare is your mobility solutions partner. Our staff of seasoned industry experts works with your IT and HR departments to manage all aspects of your mobile wireless network.  In essence, we cover everything from software to hardware to billing. MobileWare combines expertise with effective tools, providing visibility that is essential to organizing your telecom infrastructure.
MobileWare understands staying on top of your IT tasks can place a strain on internal staff and their ability to meet goals.  Therefore, we are here to lighten the load. Our co-managed services provide a solid alternative to traditional support models by leveraging IT expertise and man power when you need it.  Most of all at an affordable cost.
MobileWare provides mobility solutions to a wide range of clients from large to small. We get it done!

MobileWare provides wireless technology solutions designed to reduce costs, fuel growth, and improve customer service.

MobileWare provides mobile solutions that will turn wireless technology from a problem to an asset, while increasing your core business’ profitability.

Mobile Lifecycle Management

MobileWare provides enterprise-level cradle to grave wireless phone services. We design your wireless strategy, procure and monitor the contracts with the wireless providers, manage and maintain the devices, and assure the security of your wireless phones for you so you can focus on your business.

Telecom Expense Management

As your use of wireless technology grows, your in-house IT and telecom teams are having to grow in response. They are being stretched to provide purchasing, accounting, 24-hour help desk, lost and found, and concierge services, on top of their other department functions. MobileWare can stop the insanity by letting you focus on your core business instead.

Wireless Plan Optimization

MobileWare works with all major wireless telephone carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. We assess your needs to identify the carrier and service package that best meets your requirements. Our customized strategic planning and real-time alerting helps eliminate contract overlap, overage charges, and unintentional contract renewals. We serve as your single source for wireless device procurement, support, and service with the highest SLA’s.  

Mobile Device Reporting

MobileWare provides you with customized monthly reports that lets you keep track of all the devices your company is using and how they are being used. We give you the data you need to make informed decisions about how to best deploy wireless services throughout your company. No more guessing about what your staff needs to increase productivity. MobileWare’s device reporting and management system gives you the power to negotiate wireless contracts to your advantage and realize the savings that are hiding in your wireless bills.

We take pride not only in our ability to manage the big picture, but also in minding the little things that can be the difference between success and failure. Did a key member of your staff lose a device at an airport? No problem. MobileWare can get a replacement device, loaded with all the apps and preferences from the lost device delivered to their destination. We will keep your business moving forward, while also keeping you secure by remotely disabling lost devices and preventing your confidential information from accessed by strangers.

Once you have the technology you need, MobileWare’s next level of service is managing these devices. Whether you have tens of devices or thousands, MobileWare uses a Cloud-based management interface to track them, ensure they are updated, allow your business to make sure these devices are being used for their intended purpose.

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