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Wireless Plan Optimization

Relationships with Carriers

MobileWare works with all major wireless telephone carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. We assess your needs to identify the carrier and service package that best meets your requirements. Our relationships with these carriers enable us to negotiate favorable contract terms that that reflect your company’s unique needs. Then, we serve as your single source for wireless device procurement, support, and service.
Our customized strategic planning and monitoring helps eliminate contract overlap, overage charges, and unintentional contract renewals. And we factor in the total cost of ownership for the life of each contract and device.

Detailed Reporting

MobileWare provides you with instant reporting that allows you to see, with great granularity, how your company is using its devices and where costs can be saved. By seeing which devices are underutilized and which are at greatest risk for overage charges, we can modify your carrier plan on the fly to keep your wireless bills from being a constant source of anxiety.
Using our extensive knowledge of the industry and best practices, we crunch the numbers and analyze long-term trends so that you can make data-driven decisions that will eliminate waste and maximize your wireless investment.