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Our MobileWare Team

Steve Higgins, President

0069tinastevefsSteve Higgins over two decades of experience in the field of communications technology. Beginning with telecommunications, through fiber optics, and now wireless, Steve’s experience has always pointed him to look to the future to see what’s next.

Working at the executive level, Steve saw the importance of service, and how poor service can hinder or setback a business’ potential.

The convergence of extensive industry knowledge and a commitment to extraordinary service is what makes Steve a driving force in the mobile technology business, and a big part of what makes MobileWare unique. Combined with his background in strategic business development, Steve has the distinct ability to drive forward-thinking wireless technology solutions, with an attention to detail and excellence, that fit each business’ model for success.

Robert McGuire, Network Infrastructure & Solutions

Robert has over 30 years of executive business experience in the Telecom, IT and Healthcare Industries. He’s spent the past 10 years leading his own businesses within Telecom consulting and services markets with specific focus on global enterprise clients. His expertise includes US based and Global Carrier solutions, Telecom Expense Management, Mobility Management, Price and Contract renegotiations, Data Center Sourcing, web and audio Conferencing and telecom bill audits. Robert recently launched a professional business and energy leadership coaching practice via certification with IPEC industry leader in professional coaching programs.

George Stewart, Head of Auditing

George Stewart brings 18 years of recovering and reducing telecommunications expenses through auditing. He has helped recover over-charges from carriers as well as identifying and implementing cost savings and cost avoidance opportunities. He has also helped recover over-charges made to the IRS for federal excise taxes on telecom invoices, as well as local & state taxes and surcharges.

William Erickson, Head of Legal Services

Bill is a Corporate and Technology Transactional Attorney as well as a corporate development expert with success in building alliances, partnerships and JVs across traditional IT, cloud, big data, security, mobile and block chain (distributed ledgers). He brings to MobileWare extensive experience negotiating and managing customer and partner sales and supplier agreements from basic contracts to licensing deals to complex multi-million dollar outsourcing agreements.

He gained extensive industry experience as an operating executive at MCI Communications, IBM Global Services, BearingPoint and as CEO of technology startups. His international experience includes living and working Europe where he founded, built and ran as CEO M7 Networks, a venture-backed startup in mobile internet which was a pioneer in social networks for game players. Based in Paris, he also ran the IBM Telecom industry for services business in Europe, Middle East and Africa ($2B revenue, 2,000 matrix employees)

Denice Whiteley, Operations Manager

Denice has 30 years experience in the IT industry from programming to managing operations for companies in the financial, telecom and coaching industries. She oversees the support and functional systems such as website management, client relationship management, email marketing and more.