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Device Management

Once you have the technology you need, MobileWare’s next level of service is managing these devices. Whether you have tens of devices or thousands, MobileWare uses a Cloud-based management interface to track them, ensure they are updated, allow your business to make sure these devices are being used for their intended purpose.

Track and Update: MobileWare can track where your devices are and push apps and updates to those devices so your team can do its job.
Policy Development and Enforcement: This is a MobileWare exclusive. We can help your organization develop a customized policy for how your mobile technology is used. Devices can be configured to work within your policy parameters to safeguard that they won’t be abused or misused, as well as safeguarding the data and proprietary applications they contain.
Service Management: MobilWare will track and report service outages and available wireless coverage by regions in which you operate.
Security: MobileWare can secure not only technology owned by your business, but also personal devices that your staff have requested to use for business (BYOD.) We can load lock, wipe, and disable functions on all devices to prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, as well as cleaning you business’ data from a personal device when that employee leaves.
Device Retirement: When your old technology has run its course, MobileWare can help you recover the remaining value in those devices by completely removing all of your data, programs, and apps so the devices can be resold. For technology that no longer has resale value, MobileWare will ensure that it is recycled and disposed of in a legal manner. An array of ordinances prohibits improper disposal of electronics.

Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices, MobileWare can manage them from their first use through the end of their useful lives.
MobileWare can procure your new wireless devices at the most competitive rates and optimize them for each individual user by installing apps, software, and security measures tailored for each person.  We provide the training, troubleshooting, and repair necessary for these mobile devices to keep your business running smoothly.
We keep track of each device, maintaining detailed accounts of what software is loaded onto them, MEID numbers, and other pertinent information in case the device is lost and needs to be replaced, or for letting you identify what next generation devices would be appropriate fro your business.
Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program lets you securely integrate employee-owned devices into your company wireless strategy, ensuring that they comply with security policies and that your proprietary data is not compromised.
When your existing technology becomes outdated, MobileWare will take care of replacing your old devices with mobile technology customized to each employee’s needs and preferences. Your retired devices are wiped of all data and proprietary information and recycled or resold to recoup your initial investment in these business tools.
MobileWare’s help desk service gives you immediate expert assistance to solve your wireless problems. No more bugging your IT staff or waiting on hold for hours with your carrier’s call center. Our support desk operators are trained to the specific design of your company’s wireless implementation. Our priority is ensuring that your wireless service is seamless and flawless.