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How Blockchain Will Be the Future of Business

Recently Bitcoin, and the supporting blockchain technology, has made a splash on mainstream investor consciousness. While Bitcoin has existed for nearly 10 years, main stream society has ignored cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies’ decentralized and deregulated nature caused the slowness in which they have taken stage. Consequently, no government can control or dictate cryptocurrency which …


Chatbots: Why Businesses Need Them

Last week Facebook took front page as their negotiation chatbots went off rail with some weird language. A few days later, two Chinese chatbots were taken offline for refusing to support China’s Communist party. With all this news regarding chatbots, the public is suddenly much more aware of tech advances that have otherwise gone unnoticed. …


Why Security of IoT Is Necessary

Recently we discussed Alexa, IoT, and the amount of information being shared on the internet via mobile devices and apps. There is a large risk to these interconnected devices, despite the efficiencies and marketing information provided. As we mentioned last week, devices connecting to the internet can be hacked. DEF CON DEF CON is one …


What You Need to Know About Alexa

Last week we discussed the history of invasive technology that continually provides information to your metadata fingerprint. We mean technology that tracks and records our actions or words in our private spaces. This technology is all over, and in everyone’s favorite devices. Let’s break down one of the greatest virtual assistants that has broken onto …


What Apple has in store

Apple’s great achievement, the iPhone, will be turning 10 this year. With that comes speculation of what Apple will release in the Fall. Currently Apple’s new release goes by four different names. The company issued name is 2017 OLED iPhone, though mainstream conversations call this the iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone Edition. The phone …